Root: Riverfolk Expansion

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The woodland has become more and more popular, and even more factions have come to vie for control and assert themselves as the mightiest in the land. Now, not only are the Eyrie, Marquise, Alliance, and the Vagabond fighting for victory, but now the Riverfolk Company and Lizard Cult have joined the fray!

Root: The Riverfolk Expansion is the first expansion of the base game Root. Now, up to six players can fight it out to see who is the strongest in all the woodland. The expansion brings two brand new factions to the mix: the Riverfolk Company, a trading band of otters, and the Lizard Cult, fanatical acolytes who build gardens to control the board.

The Riverfolk Company bring an exciting new trading mechanic to the game and can quickly rack up victory points as they play other factions off one another. The Lizard Cult can build gardens in clearings asserting themselves as the clear ruler of the clearing. With their Conspiracies they can move, battle, and build incredibly quickly.

Along with these exciting new factions the Riverfolk Expansion brings in a second Vagabond player board and three new Vagabond variants, allowing up to two players compete as the wily outcast. As well as this, this expansion comes with a robotic version of the Marquise de Cat, balancing out game play in smaller groups and allowing players to explore new factions.

The Riverfolk Expansion adds two exciting new characters allowing up to six players to play, as well as a solo mode and new Vagabond player board.

Player Count: 1-6
Gameplay Length: 60-90 minutes
Age Rating: 10+