Root: The Clockwork Expansion

Leder Games

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Root is a superb game of woodland might by Leder Games. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular asymmetrical war games on the market today. Some people say that it really shines when played at full capacity – four players. But what if you don’t have a fourth player? Up steps Root: The Clockwork Expansion, to the rescue!

Root: The Clockwork Expansion offers you the flexibility to enjoy Root to its intended, maximum experience. There’s no need to fret, regardless of a lack of players around the table! The four regular factions from the base, you already know. The Marquise de Cat, The Eyrie, The Woodland Alliance, and the lone Vagabond. In The Clockwork Expansion, each of these factions get some awesome, automated abilities! They’re still illustrated in Kyle Ferrin’s familiar, delightful art style.

You could play against the Mechanical Marquise 2.0. But what if a human player wants to play as the feline faction, themselves? No problem – instead you could square up to The Electric Eyrie. Is the Automated Alliance is the challenge you seek? Or you could always try your luck against the reclusive raccoon – the Vagabot!

As well as using these automated faction to bump up player count, they also work if you want to give Root a co-operative edge. For this expansion, Benjamin Schmauss has teamed up with Root designer Cole Wehrle. It’s as smooth as running clockwork! Please not that Root: The Clockwork Expansion requires the base game of Root to function.

Player Count: 1-3 Players
Time: 60-90 minutes
Age: 10+