Shadowverse: Evolve - Advent of Genesis Booster Box


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Enter a new era of Shadowverse card game with the first print booster set: Shadowverse: Evolve - Advent of Genesis Booster Box! This booster box contains 16 packs of 8 cards each, with over 100 new cards to collect and play. The Evolve - Advent of Genesis expansion introduces the new Evolve mechanic, which lets you transform your followers into stronger versions with special effects. You’ll also discover new leader cards, legendary cards, and alternate art cards for each of the eight classes: Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft, Bloodcraft, Havencraft, and Portalcraft. Customize your deck and strategy with the new cards and evolve your game with Shadowverse: Evolve - Advent of Genesis Booster Box!

Cards Included
Cards by Rarity (180 in total)
B (Bronze) 64
S (Silver) 56
G (Gold) 38
L (Legendary) 22
*In addition, there are a total of 35 foiled versions of bronze, silver and gold cards.

Special Foils (29 in total)
U (Ultimate) 7
SL (Super Legendary) 22
*U (Ultimate) differs in foiling, illustration and frame design from its base rarity counterpart.
*SL (Super Legendary) differs in foiling and frame design from the L (Legendary) cards.

Leader Cards 12
Token Cards 17

  • 1 pack: 8 cards
  • 1 box: 16 packs

Each box will contain one foiled promo card! Six types in total!