Shadowverse: Evolve - Blade of Resentment Starter Deck 2


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Rally your troops with Swordcraft! Flood the board with loyal commanders and officers who stand at the ready to assist you towards a swift victory!

This deck offers some strong early aggressive cards to start chipping away at the opponent’s leader’s defence, before closing out the game with Tsubaki! This card can gain the Storm keyword, which allows it to attack the opposing leader immediately!

Product Specifications

  • 1 prebuilt deck (40 main deck cards + 10 evolve cards)
  • 1 leader card
  • 10 token cards
  • 3 Evolution Point cards
  • 1 playmat
  • 1 rule sheet (double-sided)
  • 1 defence counter
  • 2 sheets of punch-out counters

Each starter deck contains 20 unique types of cards.