Shenanigrams: The Mega Mischievous Word Game

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15-30 mins

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  • SHENANIGRAMS is a mega-mischievous, tile-based word game that all ages will LOVE!
  • EASY TO LEARN, IRRESISTIBLY FUN. It's travel-friendly and the perfect grab-and-go game to keep everyone entertained for hours.
  • SUPER COMPETITIVE, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Battle head-to-head in a nail-biting race to build, tag and steal words from your opponents using stealth, strategy and wordy wickedness. Be the first to use all your tags and shout "SHENANIGRAMS!".
  • KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS WILL BE HOOKED! Fantastic fun for anyone aged 8+. No need to be a Shakespearean wordsmith - this game can be as simple or strategic as you decide to make it. Like great wine, it gets even better with time!
  • AN AWESOME GAME FOR 2-6 PLAYERS. It can be hard to find great games for 2+ players. That’s why Shenanigrams has been designed to be just as fun for 2 players as it is for larger groups!
  • KIND ON THE PLANET. Shenanigrams is 100% carbon neutral, and the creators have strived to make it as environmentally friendly as possible while durable enough to last through years of repeated play.