Sheriff Of Nottingham (2nd Edition)


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Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing set and collection game now printed by CMON. Over the course of the game each player will take one or two turns as the titular Sheriff and the others will attempt to con you, or will they?

The game comes with a large amount of cards, green are legal goods and red are illicit. You can in theory win the game by plying a totally honest and legal trade goods all the way through the game - there are hefty majority bonuses available for those who do. But illicit goods are way more fun and way more valuable.

On a turn when you are not the Sheriff you will load a bag full of goods. You will have some chance to mix these up a bit, discarding some and drawing face down cards from a deck or face up cards from a discard pile. Then will then secretly load 1-5 of their 6 cards into their merchant bag, seal it and pass it to the current Sheriff. As you will do you will make a claim about the contents of the bag.

You must say the correct number of cards and only one type of legal good. The catch is that you may lie about the good. So you may load three chickens and two bread but claim 5 chickens. Or you might be entirely truthful and load your bag with the same type of good, but who could resist the chance to slip in some illicit goods?

The Sheriff will take all the bags and decide one by one whether to open them or not. As the they do this they may accept bribes from the other players not to open their merchant bags, off course bribes might make Sheriffs more suspicious, and then the players will all have a chance at Sheriffing later on! It is a well crafted game of set collection and fun!