Shiver RPG: The Cursed Library

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A Military operation discovers horrors aboard a lost ship in the Arctic circle.

A group of 1980's kids explore a haunted house on Halloween night.

A Wild West posse investigates mysterious disappearances at a mountain mine.

A crew answers a distress signal in the uncharted depths of deep space, only to find more than just survivors.

Broken down with no way home, a group search for help at an old farmhouse through the cornfields.

The Cursed Library collects these five tales of horror across the ages to be used with the SHIVER tabletop role-playing game.



SHIVER is a tabletop roleplaying game bringing tales of the mysterious, the peculiar and the strange to life. An easy to learn and innovative game system inspired by a love of horror films and pulp TV shows that brings storytelling to the fore. Shiver makes it simple for you to tell the stories you want to tell, however weird and wonderful they may be.

Take on the role of archetypal characters from any story, time, and place to uncover the dark truths that lurk in the shadows of the world. Unmask the villains, go boldly into the unknown… and while you’re at it, try not to die.