Skull (2022 Edition)

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Introducing the game of Skull, a strategic and challenging board game that tests your ability to outwit your opponents through deception and cunning. Each player starts with a set of four discs, consisting of three different symbols and one trap.

On your turn, you must choose whether to place a disc face down on the board or make a bold move by launching a challenge. To launch a challenge, you must announce the number of discs you believe you can successfully turn over among all opponents without triggering the trap symbol.

If you are successful in your challenge, you gain a point and continue to play. But if you trigger the trap symbol, you lose a point and your turn ends immediately. Be careful not to fall into your opponents' traps and lose all your points!

Skull is full of suspense and excitement as you try to outsmart your opponents and become the ultimate strategic mastermind. Are you ready to put your mind to the test and take on the challenge?