Spire RPG: Magister’s Guide

Rowan, Rook and Deckard

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Supplementary systems and extra stuff for every class in this Spire gamesmaster sourcebook.

THE MAGISTER’S GUIDE is the essential gamesmaster supplement for Spire: the City Must Fall. This book is packed with advice, new systems, and additional materials for the core game that should make running each session more enjoyable than ever and provide exciting new options for seasoned GMs and players alike. Featured within are:

  • New advances, equipment, fallout and specialised adversaries for every Spire class, including those released in the Strata and Sin sourcebooks
  • Full rules for Safehouses, which provide a Ministry cell with a fully-furnished base of operations and cult headquarters
  • Acquisitions, which make multiclassing and getting hold of equipment both easy to adjudicate and fun to do
  • Liberty, a new shared resistance, which represents the efforts of the aelfir to oppress the drow all across the city
  • Beats, an alternate method for advancement adapted from our ENnie-award-winning Heart which lets you focus on individual goals and scenes
  • Tips and advice on running games of Spire

This is a sourcebook for the Spire: the City Must Fall roleplaying game.