Spire RPG: The Spiral Muse

Rowan, Rook and Deckard

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A hugely detailed in-character newspaper filled with hooks connected to the scenarios in the Strata sourcebook for Spire.

The Spiral Muse, written and illustrated by Tim Wilkinson Lewis (with additional content from Grant Howitt) is the perfect accessory for the Strata sourcebook for the Spire RPG. This intensely-detailed, tabloid-size, 12-page newspaper comes dripping with hooks and leads for all ten of the scenarios contained in Strata – and makes an excellent prop to give to your players. Even if they’re not playing one of the scenarios from the sourcebook, there’s enough in here to fit with any game of Spire – just hand it over to them and watch them chase after the information contained within.


  • Sports section
  • Running of the goats
  • Horoscopes (official, unofficial, and sponsored)
  • Cryptic crossword, which we are assured is solvable
  • An excerpt from THE SALTASH KRAKEN AFFAIR, a pulp fiction novel
  • Personal and classified ads
  • Etc