Star Wars Legion: Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Operative Expansion

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Unleash Terror: Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Unveiled in Star Wars Legion!

Embrace the thrill of the hunt with the latest addition to Star Wars™: Legion! Within this dynamic expansion, delve into the shadowy depths of Imperial prowess as the enigmatic Fifth Brother and cunning Seventh Sister emerge. Charged with the ominous duty of extinguishing any flicker of Jedi resistance post-Order 66, these formidable Inquisitors infuse Imperial ranks with their formidable Force mastery and lightsaber finesse.

Prepare for a heightened level of engagement as this expansion not only introduces their intrinsic Force prowess and combat finesse but also unveils an exclusive Training upgrade card alongside a suite of 5 meticulously crafted command cards. These strategic assets serve to amplify their relentless pursuit of Jedi quarry, ensuring their dominance on the battlefield remains unparalleled.