Tainted Grail: Monsters of Avalon 2 - Past and the Future

Awaken Realms

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The history of the human conquest of Avalon spans one thousand years. Many creatures that were present when Arthur first set foot on the island became extinct or banished in the later ages. And many other beings were first spotted only after centuries of strife.

Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future expansion lets you bring models representing these horrific dangers to your Last Knight and Age of Legends campaigns! 

This expansion consists of: 

  • 20 miniatures 
  • 20 Encounter cards (alternative "Guardian" versions of 20 Encounters already found in Age of Legends and Last Knight campaigns)

Getting the Monsters Of Avalon: Past And Future is not essential for gameplay, but adds additional variety and immersion to the game with the introduction of new models and alternative Encounters.