The Great Wall: Ancient Beasts Expansion

Awaken Realms

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The Great Wall: Ancient Beasts expansion adds 12 new Advisors to your game, including 4 based on mythical beasts that come with their own meeples/miniatures. These fantastic creatures can be placed on the board to grant you new and powerful benefits, but you have to choose their locations wisely!

  • Qilin, the prosperous beast, lets you collect extra resources from any Location. It acts like a super Clerk that doesn’t need an empty slot and can be replaced by a regular Clerk for free when removed.
  • Yinglong, the winged dragon, inspires your soldiers on a chosen Wall Section. It allows you to move your forces there instantly and gives them double Honor for defeating Hordes!
  • Spirit Turtle, the sacred beast, protects your army from casualties on a chosen Wall Section. Your Soldiers won’t die there!
  • Fenghuang, the virtuous bird, boosts your productivity on any Location. It replaces all your Overseers and works as three max-level Overseers in that Location. Plus, you get your Overseers back to recruit them again in the Barracks!

The other 8 Advisors are similar to those from the core game, but they offer more variety and replayability (although the base game already has plenty of options).

The Great Wall: Corebox is required to play this

  • Box
  • 4 new unique meeples
  • 12 new advisor cards
  • 8 new tactics cards
  • 10 relic cards
  • 6 game mode cards