The Great Wall: Black Powder Expansion

Awaken Realms

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The Black Powder expansion allows you to build towers and place war machines such as cannons, rocket batteries, and siege crossbows on them, significantly improving your defence potential. Each player will also receive upgrade cards to customize their war machines, providing endless replay possibilities.

The Mongols have brought siege engines with them, including battering rams, catapults, and siege towers, which will test your defence strategy. But fear not! New troops have been introduced, including each clan's elite warriors, and you can upgrade your basic soldiers into powerful units such as Chu-Ko-Nu Crossbowmen or Dragon Clan's fire-lance equipped Spearmen.

The expansion also includes new generals, advisors, artifacts, and tech-trees to enhance customization and further increase replayability. With tech-tree cards, you can adjust your strategy and invest in towers, war machines, or enhanced army units.

This expansion offers a fresh take on gameplay by introducing new hordes and siege engines to challenge your defensive tactics. You'll need to be on your guard against their relentless attacks and clever strategies, but with the new elite soldiers, generals, advisors, and artifacts at your disposal, you can customize your approach and defend your wall against any threat.

Whether you prefer to focus on building cheap cannons or a single powerful war machine, there are plenty of upgrade cards to choose from to suit your playstyle. And with the addition of unique soldiers for each clan, you'll have even more options to develop your army and dominate the battlefield.

The Great Wall: Black Powder Expansion also introduces tech-trees, allowing you to specialize in certain areas of gameplay and adapt your strategy to the evolving challenges you face. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this expansion offers endless possibilities and hours of engaging gameplay.

Upgrade your defences, command your armies, and defend the Great Wall against the invading hordes. Are you ready for the challenge?

Requires The Great Wall: Core Box to play.