The Number

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30 mins

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The Number is a clever combination of mechanics: Bluffing, Risk-taking, and Guessing (a mechanic that involves predicting your opponent’s next moves and adjusting your strategy accordingly). It’s easy to learn in 5 minutes, but you won’t master it so quickly!

How to play?

A game of The Number consists of 2 rounds of 5 turns each where everyone plays at the same time.

1- Choose

Each turn, everyone secretly writes a number from 000 to 999 on their boards, then shows them all together.

2- Check

Arrange the numbers from largest to smallest (top to bottom) and check if your number is valid (it doesn’t have any digits in common with any of the numbers below it) or invalid (it shares at least one digit with any of the numbers below it).

3- Resolve

If your number is valid, score as many points as the first digit of your number. Then, you have to cross out the digits you used in your number from your board. You won’t be able to use them for the rest of the round.