The Revolutionary’s Guide to Spire

Rowan, Rook and Deckard

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Want the latest news, reviews and interviews concerning the people’s rebellion in the great and glorious city of Spire? The Revolutionary’s Guide is an in-character publication for Spire: the City Must Fall and it has everything you need.

Written by a series of well-meaning incompetents, edited by easily-bribed shysters and illustrated by drunkards, this zine includes:

  • Tips on workplace rebellion
  • Latest victories and outrages
  • Black Magic made easy
  • Fashion for the up-and-coming revolutionary
  • Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in the world of semi-legal labour organisations
  • This Season’s New Firearms, by guest columnist Sister Lizbet Hellion
  • A frankly suspicious number of adverts
  • First-hand reports on the newest street drugs
  • Details on rebel-friendly bars, clubs and restaurants

The Revolutionary’s Guide is jam-packed with plot hooks, setting detail and maybe even one or two jokes for the Spire RPG. (It’s actually been written by Grant Howitt and Chris MacDowall (Electric Bastionland, Into the Odd) and designed by Mina McJanda (Heart, Sin, Voidheart Symphony).)