The Search For Lost Species

Renegade Games Studios

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60-75 mins

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Thousands of plants and animals have been discovered but haven't been seen for decades and could be on the brink of extinction. In order to save these species, we must first find them again. The Search for Lost Species is a game about this real-world search. You are scientists on an expedition to find one of those Lost Species. While there are Lost Species all around the world, this game focuses on several Lost Species in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

  • 1x Game Board
  • 1x Pad of Note Sheets
  • 4x Player Screens
  • 18x Town Cards
  • 6x Lost Species Cards
  • 9x Pawns
  • Assorted Tokens
  • Number of Players: 1-4
  • For Ages: 13+
  • Playing Time: 60-75 min
  • Game Type: Deduction, Strategy, Logic Puzzle