The Walking Dead Universe RPG GM Screen

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Release Date: 1st March 2024

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Dive headfirst into the relentless world of The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, where you assume the roles of tenacious individuals battling for survival in the unforgiving landscape immortalized by the TV series. Challenges lurk around every corner, their gravity never to be underestimated. Whether it's the scarcity of life-sustaining resources, the festering tensions within your group, concealed structural vulnerabilities within your sanctuary, or the looming threat of a voracious horde of walkers, danger is omnipresent.

Within this immersive roleplaying experience, you have two distinct ways to engage: campaign mode and survival mode. In the campaign, the storyline remains unwritten, unfolding organically as you navigate the tumultuous terrain, shaping it through your choices, objectives, and the outcomes of your relentless struggle. Every decision you make becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your unique narrative. Alternatively, survival mode thrusts you directly into high-stakes scenarios, each pre-defined and typically urgent. These challenges demand immediate attention and often feature familiar locations and characters from the TV series, drawing you even deeper into the perilous universe.

The Walking Dead Universe RPG GM Screen is your essential tool for orchestrating this immersive experience. It includes a condensed rulebook for reference, pre-generated characters for streamlined gameplay, and invaluable aids to guide you through the complexities of the game as the Game Master. Elevate your mastery of The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game with this indispensable addition to your gaming arsenal.