The Walking Dead Universe RPG Starter Set

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In the gripping world of The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, you'll step into the shoes of resilient survivors, battling to endure in the unforgiving realm made famous by the TV series. The trials you'll confront are far from ordinary, emerging unexpectedly - be it the scarcity of vital resources, the simmering internal conflicts within your group, unforeseen structural weaknesses in your sanctuary, or the imminent threat of a ravenous horde of walkers craving your very existence.

You have two compelling ways to experience this game: the campaign mode and survival mode. In the campaign, the narrative remains uncharted, unfolding organically based on your choices, goals, and the outcomes of your relentless struggle for survival. Each decision you make weaves the tapestry of your unique storyline. On the other hand, survival mode thrusts you into immediate, high-stakes situations with pre-defined and often urgent challenges. These scenarios frequently introduce iconic locations and characters from the TV series, immersing you even deeper into the perilous world.

Contained within this boxed Starter Set, you will find a concise rulebook to get you started, pre-generated characters ready for action, and your first taste of a full-length survival scenario. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of The Walking Dead like never before.