The Walking Dead Universe RPG Stress Dice Set

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Prepare to immerse yourself in the relentless world of The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, where you'll take on the roles of survivors grappling with the harsh realities of the TV series' iconic universe. Challenges are anything but trivial and can materialize from the most unexpected corners - whether it's the scarcity of life-sustaining essentials, the smoldering conflicts within your group, hidden structural flaws in your haven, or the imminent threat of a relentless horde of walkers, driven by their insatiable hunger for your flesh and blood.

Within this immersive RPG experience, two distinct modes await your exploration: campaign mode and survival mode. In the campaign, the narrative is a blank canvas, waiting for your choices, objectives, and the consequences of your struggle to carve out the storyline. No paths are predetermined; your decisions breathe life into a unique narrative tapestry. On the flip side, survival mode thrusts you directly into immediate, often life-and-death scenarios, each laden with predefined challenges demanding your swift attention. These scenarios frequently introduce beloved locations and characters from the TV series, further deepening your immersion.

The Walking Dead Universe RPG Stress Dice Set is an essential companion for your journey through this perilous landscape. These specialized dice are your lifeline, measuring the stress and tension that accompanies your every move. Roll them and discover the toll that survival takes on your characters as they navigate this unforgiving world. Equip yourself for a gaming experience like no other with this invaluable addition to your collection.