Thunder Road: Vendetta

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45-75 mins

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Get ready for a high-octane thrill ride with Thunder Road: Vendetta, the adrenaline-fueled revival of the beloved 1986 game that brings mayhem to the asphalt like never before. Gather your fearless crew, unleash the power of your dice, and dive headfirst into intense car races where chaos reigns and survival is key.

This revamped edition introduces a host of electrifying new features, injecting even more excitement into the heart-pounding action. Brace yourself for the unpredictable with random hazard tokens that litter the tracks, presenting obstacles such as treacherous wrecks and slippery oil slicks. Prepare for a whole new level of mayhem as damage becomes an ongoing saga. Draw damage tokens that unleash thrilling effects, launching your car into unexpected trajectories across the dynamic game board.

Take command of your destiny with enhanced strategic choices. Allocate one of your dice to your command board, deciding between repairing crucial damage to your vehicle, activating a nitro boost to surge ahead, or unleashing the firepower of your attack copter upon your rivals.

Thunder Road: Vendetta is your ticket to an unparalleled racing experience where skill, strategy, and a little luck collide in a high-stakes battle for supremacy. Brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime!