Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West

Days Of Wonder

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30-90 min

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Are you ready to become a part of the history of your favourite train game and discover the vision of Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock and Alan R. Moon? Ticket to Ride® Legacy: Legends of the West invites you to join a thrilling adventure across twelve games, where you will run your own North American railway company and compete for glory and riches in a campaign full of twists and turns.

Your main objective will still be to complete your tickets, but you will also have to adapt to the unexpected events and the cunning strategies of your opponents. Game after game, route after route, you will accumulate more and more earnings in your vault. As the story unfolds, you will open frontier boxes that will reveal new rules, content, and many more surprises.

This game is easy to learn, like the previous ones in the series, but it offers a much more immersive and narrative experience that will delight every fan of the franchise.

After the 12 games of this Legacy campaign, you will have created your own unique game that you can keep playing forever.