Too Many Bones: Ghillie

Chip Theory Games

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Take your Too Many Bones adventure to the next level with Ghillie, the Master of Scouts!

Ghillie brings a variety of new strategic options to your team. Trap The Ebon in cunning snares. Call forth allies to join the Battle Mat and wreak havoc on the most fearsome Baddies. Use ranged attacks for invaluable flexibility for both solo and group quests.

Ghillie comes with his own set of 21 stunning custom dice, a weighted character chip, a sealable dice holder, and a neoprene character mat with stitched edges.

Ghillie arrives in his own deluxe Add-on box, with a map of Daelore printed under the lid and a foam insert for added stability.

The box contains the following:

  • Neoprene Ghillie Character Mat
  • 16 Custom Heat Image Transferred Skill Dice
  • 4 Custom Heat Image Transferred Stat Dice
  • 1 Custom Heat Image Transferred Initiative Die
  • 1 Chip Theory Games Dice Storage Tray Reference Sheet