Too Many Bones: Nugget

Chip Theory Games

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Boost your Too Many Bones adventure by adding Nugget, the Treasure Seeker!

Nugget brings a variety of new strategic options to your team. Discover legendary loot, snag lucky combat bonuses, and use sling stones to perform both ranged and melee attacks! Nugget is a flexible Gearloc who is useful for both solo and coop play.

Nugget comes with her own set of 21 stunning custom dice, a weighted character chip, a sealable dice holder, and a neoprene character mat with stitched edges.

Nugget arrives in her own deluxe Add-on box, with a map of Daelore printed under the lid and a foam insert for added stability. The box contains the following:

  • 1 Neoprene Nugget Character Mat
  • 16 Custom Heat Image Transferred Skill Dice
  • 4 Custom Heat Image Transferred Stat Dice
  • 1 Custom Heat Image Transferred Initiative Die
  • 1 Chip Theory Games Dice Storage Tray 1 Gearloc Reference Sheet