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Welcome to Villagers, a captivating card drafting and engine building game designed for 1-5 players. Enter a world where you are the visionary leader of a village during the aftermath of a devastating plague. The depletion of vital resources and the loss of skilled individuals have made survival a difficult challenge for the remaining inhabitants.

As the founder of a new village, you are tasked with recruiting skilled workers and outwitting your opponents to build the most thriving community. In this beautifully illustrated card game, you must strategize and make wise decisions to ensure the prosperity of your village.

Your grain farm will serve as the starting point for your community, providing a reliable source of sustenance for your people. However, your resources are limited, and you must choose wisely as to whom you allow to settle within your land. The refugees on the road have valuable and unique skills, but they all depend on others with specific crafts to be able to work. Raw materials, tools, and services must be provided by others from the road.

To ensure the success of your village, you must build a team of people that can work together to make a profit, increase your food surplus, and build new houses. Your goal is to create a prosperous community that will thrive for generations to come.

With Villagers, you'll experience an immersive and engaging game that will challenge your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as you work to create a prosperous and thriving village.

Players: 1 - 5
Playtime: 30 - 60 mins
Ages: 10+
Language: English

  • Rulebook
  • 170 cards (57 x 88mm)
  • 6 card dividers
  • 5 player boards
  • 150 cardboard coins