Villagers: Kickstarter Expansion

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Enhance your Villagers game with the Kickstarter Expansion Pack! This expansion adds 4 modular mini-expansions and an upgraded first player marker.

Saints are 5 new villagers who lend players a helping hand. Scoundrels add a mischievous twist with 7 new villagers that use underhanded tricks. Profiteers adds 6 new villagers and a scoring mechanism with bronze coins.

Developments introduces a new element, with 3 Development cards that offer bonuses and competition for control. Plus, you'll receive 3 chunky full-color printed wooden tokens. Elevate your game and immerse yourself in new challenges and strategic gameplay with the Villagers: Kickstarter Expansion Pack.

  • Rules
  • 3 wooden Development tokens
  • 1 wooden first player token
  • 4 card dividers
  • 34 cards