Wargaming Hobby Hangout | 14th September 2023 | Gathering Games Skipton

Gathering Games


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Are you ready for some epic battles on the tabletop? Join us for our next wargaming night at Gathering Games, Skipton's friendly local game store!

Whether you are a veteran commander or a curious newbie, you are welcome to bring your own miniatures and dice.

Our friendly staff and fellow gamers will be happy to teach you the rules and tactics, and help you have a blast. Join our Discord Server to arrange a game of your wargame of choice, or just bring some models along and we'll do our best to set you up in a game.

So don't miss this chance to meet new friends, have fun, and unleash your inner strategist. RSVP now and let the wargames begin!

18:00-21:00 | 14th September 2023

Gathering Games Skipton
3 Sackville Street
BD23 2PB