Wargaming Hobby Hangout: Combat Patrol | 31st August 2023 | Gathering Games Skipton

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Are you looking for some thrilling and tactical battles in the grimdark future of Warhammer 40k? Do you want to test your skills and strategies in a fast-paced and fun format? Then join us for a wargaming night at our shop, where we will be playing the Combat Patrol format of Warhammer 40k!

Combat Patrol is a game mode that allows you to play small-scale skirmishes with a limited number of models and points. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of the game, as well as veterans who want to try out new armies or scenarios. Combat Patrol games are quick and easy to set up, and can be completed in an hour or less.

To participate in our wargaming night, you will need to bring your own Combat Patrol army, which consists of  roughly 500 points of models from any faction. There will be no prize support this week as it'll be mostly about learning the ropes in preparation for the upcoming Combat Patrol tournament.

We have plenty of tables and chairs for everyone, as well as snacks and drinks for sale.  Space is limited, so don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some epic battles in the 41st millennium!

For the Emperor!

18:00-22:00 | 31st August 2023

Gathering Games Skipton
3 Sackville Street
BD23 2PB