Warhammer 40K: Adeptus Mechanicus - Ironstrider

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Gyroscopically balanced and provided with uploads of enemy details to help provide it with the best knowledge to destroy their targets, this two-legged walking artillery platform is a fearsome sight indeed.

The Ironstrider Ballistarius can be fitted with one of two armament options: a twin-linked cognis autocannon or a twin-linked cognis lascannon, giving it access to either anti-tank or anti-infantry weapons.

Where as the Sydonian Dragoon acts as the Skitarii cavalrymen, charging into battle without doubt or hesitation. Armed with either a taser lance or radium jezzail, with holstered versions of each available in trhe kit.

This box contains a highly detailed 80-component plastic kit, with all the parts necessary to build either one Ironstrider Ballistarius or a Sydonian Dragoon. It also features a small transfer sheet and a 105x70mm oval base. Model supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.