Warhammer 40K: Salamanders – Warforged Strike Force

Games Workshop


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Forged in the crucible of war, the Salamanders are flame-bearers and warrior-craftsmen who hail from the volcanic death world of Nocturne. This brotherhood of onyx-skinned guardians has fought stoically to defend the Imperium for ten millennia, wielding master-wrought weapons to hammer the foe into oblivion.

This box provides a fiery core for a Salamanders army, led into battle by Captain Adrax Agatone, armed with the mighty hammer Malleus Noctum. Inside you'll find two squads of objective-claiming Primaris Intercessors, three aggressors to burn your enemies, and three Eradicators to melt them. You'll also receive plenty of Salamanders Primaris Upgrades to add some extra sons of Vulkan style. This box provides 27 plastic models with a variety of weapon options, making it an ideal way to start a new Salamanders army or add to your existing Space Marines collection.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

  • 1x Adrax Agatone
  • 3x Primaris Aggressors
  • 3x Primaris Eradicators
  • 20x Primaris Intercessors
  • 4x Salamanders Primaris Upgrades frames

All models are supplied with their appropriate bases.