Warhammer 40K: T'au Empire - Crisis Battlesuits

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The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is a marvel of T’au engineering and innovation, a symbol of their rapid technological advancement and adaptability. These battlesuits can fly across the battlefield with their repulsor engines, unleashing a devastating barrage of weapons and then darting away before the enemy can react. Only the most skilled and experienced T’au warriors earn the right to pilot these machines, proving themselves in countless battles before being granted this honour. These battlesuits can also be deployed from high orbit, crashing into enemy lines like a meteor, combining firepower, speed and durability in one lethal package.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to build three XV8 Crisis Battlesuits, along with six drones. You can customise your battlesuits with ball fittings that allow for a wide range of poses. One of the models can be built as a Shas’vre, with a unique head and chest plate, and you have access to a huge array of advanced T’au weaponry in the box: four plasma rifles, three flamers, four fusion blasters, four burst cannons, three missile pods and three shield generators. The drones can be equipped with gun, shield or marker options, and you can build up to six drones, with a maximum of three of any one type. The kit also includes various battlesuit electronics systems. One of the models can be optionally assembled as the new, experimental Iridium-class XV8-02 Crisis Battlesuit - characterised by its thicker armour and more aggressive look. A lot of variety!

The kit contains 152 components in total, with three Citadel 50mm Round bases and three Citadel small Flying bases.