Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Battletome: Blades of Khorne

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Hear the frenzied battle cries of the Blades of Khorne as they charge forth, thirsting for bloodshed. These ferocious warriors are driven by a deep devotion to the Blood God, Khorne, and will stop at nothing to bring honor to his name. Mortals and daemons fight side by side in a brutal display of power, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. The Battletome - Blades of Khorne provides you with all the knowledge you need to lead these bloodthirsty warriors into battle and emerge victorious.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the Blades of Khorne, featuring detailed background information on their various slaughterhosts, each with their own unique way of worshipping the Blood God. Blood-soaked artwork brings to life the wrath and martial prowess of Khorne's followers. With 41 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles, you can assemble your army with towering Bloodthirsters, cruel Realmgore Ritualists, and many more units.

Delve into the world of the Blades of Khorne with this Battletome, packed with information on their history, culture, and battle tactics. Discover the six mightiest slaughterhosts and their individual playstyles. The book also includes battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power, and Blood Blessings - powerful prayers to empower your priests.

Explore the Path to Glory campaign rules, where your warlord can undergo the Trial of Skulls, and utilize a new battleplan and eight warscroll battalions for use in narrative play. For matched play, you'll find four grand strategies and six battle tactics, as well as a core battalion unique to the Blades of Khorne.

Finally, immerse yourself in a visual gallery of Khornate miniatures, with instructional guides to inspire you to paint your own army of the Blood God. The Battletome - Blades of Khorne is an essential guide for any commander who seeks to lead the charge and spill the blood of their enemies.