Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Winds of Magic Collector’s Edition

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Release Date: 30th September 2023

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The chaotic and raw energies of Chaos flow into the world through shattered warpgates at the poles of the earth, powering sorcery and sustaining malevolent Daemonic entities. This is magic in its purest, yet most unstable form. Thankfully, thanks to the guidance of Teclis, the greatest of the High Elf Mages, human wizards have learned to harness the power of a single facet of magic and work with a form of sorcery that is relatively safe, yet still capable of incredible feats of power. These isolated strands of raw magical energy are known as the Winds of Magic.

The Winds of Magic Collector's Edition is a stunning grimoire, featuring a faux leather cover with intricate embossments of Paranoth's Wheel and symbols representing the Colleges of Magic. The cover is enhanced with Spot UV to highlight even more intricate details and texture, and finished off with a gold foil stamp that would make the finest print presses in Altdorf proud.

The book's spine is rounded with raised hubs, and it exudes the essence of a dusty tome that one might hide in an attic to avoid being discovered by prowling witch hunters. This Collector's Edition is a must-have for any fan of Warhammer's rich and immersive universe, with its fascinating portrayal of the dangerous and unpredictable power of the Winds of Magic

Winds of Magic is a comprehensive guide to the practices and traditions taught by the eight Colleges of Magic. As well as providing background to the development of magic in the Empire it includes details of a multitude of magic practices, creatures, and places.

  • Each of the eight lores of magic taught by the colleges is provided with a revised and expanded roster of spells and a separate career for each sort of wizard.
  • Rules are provided for rituals, complicated spells that can be used to empower magical sites, create magical creatures, or summon powerful but wild entities.
  • Details on the summoning of Incarnate Elementals, the creation of Magical Constructs and how to develop a familiar as either an NPC or a Player Character.
  • Details on the properties of magical sites, such as the lines of waystones that drain magic towards the Great Vortex in Ulthuan, and several sites associated with a particular wind.
  • Characters can tell the future, read the past, or brew magical potions thanks to rules for the practices of Augury, Psychometry and Alchemy (both magical and mundane).
  • A set of new careers allowing Characters to specialize as a Scryer, Mundane Alchemist, Beadle, or Magister Vigilant.
  • Eight of the Empire’s pre-eminent wizards, from Balthazar Gelt to Elspeth von Draken, are detailed as potential patrons for Characters.
  • Several nemeses are described, such as the Blue Scribes who seek catalogue every spell in existence for the glory of Tzeentch; Egrimm van Horstmann, the greatest Chaos Sorcerer alive; and Mòna Mimn, who wishes to turn all the Old World into a vast fenland.