Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Up In Arms

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Step into the Old World, a land of danger and turmoil. The Empire is at the brink of collapse from within and besieged by enemies from without. To survive in such a harsh environment, one must know the art of war, or at the very least, know how to hire those who do. But in a world where the only rule is the rule of the sword, refusing to take up arms is the quickest way to an early grave.

If you want to learn the ways of the warrior, then "Up In Arms" is the guide you need. This 144-page book offers a wealth of options and guidance for characters in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay who follow warrior careers. Discover new abilities that can help you stand out on the battlefield and add variety to your gameplay.

This guide contains a detailed discussion of the Cult of Myrmidia, offering a comprehensive guide to the beliefs and practices of those who worship the Goddess of Strategy. Explore the experiences of the rank-and-file members of the Empire's state troops, and unlock new careers such as the handgunner, halberdier, and greatsword.

Discover the rich history of mercenaries in the Old World, and learn how to play Tilean Characters and other dogs of war. You can also delve into the renowned knightly orders of the Empire, with options for joining secular orders, templar chapters, or going it alone as a freelance knight.

With an expanded list of weapons and armor, from basic swords and axes to exotic specialized equipment like weighted nets and pavises, you'll have everything you need to take on any challenge. Plus, learn new rules for taking cover within vehicles and buildings, or blowing them up with devastating artillery.

Finally, explore the employment of hireling NPCs, including a system for generating individual quirks and work ethics. Optional and additional rules covering new Endeavors, alternative approaches to Critical Injury, mounted combat, uses of Advantage, Pursuits, and Talents complete this essential guide for any Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay player or GM.