Weiss Schwarz: Azur Lane Trial Deck - Eagle Union


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Embark on a thrilling voyage as the acclaimed smartphone game 'Azur Lane' takes center stage in the extraordinary world of Weiß Schwarz!

Prepare to set sail with the Azur Lane Eagle Union Ver Trial Deck, where legendary shipgirls of the Eagle Union faction await to lead you into uncharted territories! Experience the thrill of commanding a formidable fleet as you battle against the formidable Siren threat and seek to preserve humanity's existence.

This Trial Deck offers a gateway to an enchanting realm, where strategic gameplay and compelling narratives intertwine seamlessly. Choose your shipgirls wisely, harness their unique abilities, and forge unbreakable bonds that will shape the course of epic battles.

Step into the commander's shoes, and take charge of your destiny in a captivating gaming experience, crafted exclusively for Weiß Schwarz enthusiasts. Delve into the world of Azur Lane, where the bonds of friendship and courage pave the way to an unforgettable maritime adventure like never before!

This Trial Deck is made up of only blue cards.

Sign Card Information

Every deck you purchase has a chance to contain a sign card from the following cast:

  • Yui Ishikawa (as Enterprise)
  • Asuka Itou (as San Diego)
  • Minami Takahashi (as Baltimore)
  • Maria Naganawa (as Laffey)
  •  Parallel Cards
  • Parallel cards are randomly sealed into decks!
  • Every deck contains 1 shiny card!
  • In addition, every deck you purchase is guaranteed to
  • contain one of the following!
  • [RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (16 types)
  • [SP] Sign card of voice cast (4 types)