Zombicide: White Death - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Timecrash


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Release Date: 30th October 2023

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TMNT Zombicide: Timecrash is a full-fledged expansion for Zombicide: White Death.

The world of New York has collided with the world of Zombicide Fantasy through a portal! Necromantic magic is afoot, and Shredder is taking full advantage of it to raise a Zombie horde and invade New York. It’s up to the Turtles to stop him from amassing power and bringing it back to their home city! 10 exclusive new quests in this expansion follow the Turtle Team through the streets of the Zombicide fantasy universe, taking down Zombies, Foot Ninjas, and Shredder himself. This strange new land is also rife with mystical energy that the Turtle Team can channel into their attacks to better defeat the Zombies. And it turns out, there’s still some pizza too!