Magic The Gathering - Universes Beyond: Assassins Creed Beyond Booster Pack

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Discover the thrill of history and strategy with the Magic: The Gathering - Assassin’s Creed Beyond Booster Box! Each booster pack includes 7-card pack bringing classic characters, items, and iconic moments from the Assassin’s Creed series:

  • Iconic Assassin’s Creed Integration: Magic: The Gathering welcomes Assassin’s Creed, allowing you to traverse historical settings with your favourite assassins, wield powerful weapons, and target historical figures.
  • Enhanced Collectibles: Each pack guarantees 1-4 Rare or higher rarity cards, at least one Traditional Foil card, and one stunning Borderless card, showcasing exquisite alternate art.
  • Rare Finds in Every Pack: Look forward to potentially multiple Rare or higher cards in each pack, enhancing your game and collection.
  • Art and Strategy Combined: Enjoy a game that expertly blends art, narrative, and strategy. Whether you're playing casually, collecting unique cards, or engaging in competitive play, Magic: The Gathering invites you to join the gathering.

Enhance your tabletop experience with thematic game mechanics and new artwork celebrating the fusion of Assassin’s Creed and Magic: The Gathering.

Each Beyond Booster pack is carefully curated to enhance your gameplay and collection with a mix of card rarities and unique artwork:

  • 1–4 Rare or Higher Rarity Cards: Enhance your deck with a selection of Rare, Mythic Rare, or even higher rarity cards, adding powerful gameplay options and collector's value.
  • Traditional Foil and Borderless Cards: Every pack includes at least one Traditional Foil card that shines beautifully, and one Borderless card, which features art that extends to the very edges, creating a stunning visual experience.
  • 3–5 Uncommon Cards: These cards provide versatility and depth to gameplay, supporting your deck's strategy.
  • 0–1 Basic Land Card: Essential for mana resources, these cards are the foundation of gameplay in Magic: The Gathering.
  • Art Card: Featured in 8% of packs, Art Cards showcase beautiful artwork from the game. A foil-stamped Signature Art Card is included in 1% of Beyond Boosters.
  • Ultra-Rare Finds: A Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Rare card appears in less than 1% of boosters, making it a prized addition for serious collectors.

With each pack, players can expect a balanced mix of utility, rarity, and beauty, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned players looking to expand their Magic: The Gathering and Assassin’s Creed collections.

  • Each booster pack contains 7 randomised cards