Spirit Island: Feather And Flame Expansion

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Spirit Island: Feather and Flame is an expansion released in 2022 for the award-winning cooperative game Spirit Island.

In Spirit Island, players take the role of different spirits of a distant island where magic still exists. These spirits of the land have awakened to protect the island from colonizing Invaders from European countries that threaten the population of the Island and the nature itself. Players role is then to cooperate together to push away the invaders from the shores of the island before the damage done to the land is irreparable.

Every turn, each spirit will choose which action to take, which of their power cards to play and which part of the island to defend or regenerate. As each spirit has different powers and abilities, players can work together to combine their spirits' elemental powers and develop a winning strategy. At the same time, players could challenge themselves to win with each single spirit in solo games.

Spirit Island: Feather and Flame expansion increases base game variability for both solo games and cooperative games by adding four new Spirits and one new Adversary. In addition, the spirits of this expansion are among the more complex in the game allowing players to bring the challenge to a whole new level.

· 4 additional Spirits (Finder of Paths Unseen, Downpour Drenches the World, Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island, and Heart of the Wildfire). All these Spirits were previously releases in Spirit Island Promo Packs 1 & 2;
· 18 Innate Power cards to be used with the new spirits;
· 5 Fear Cards;
· 5 Aspect Cards for the base game spirits (Vital Strength of the Earth, Lightning's Swift Strike, Shadows Flicker like Flame, River Surges in Sunlight);
· 2 Scenario Panels (A Diversity of Spirits; Varied Terrain);
· 1 New Adversary with its escalation panel (The Kingdom of Scotland).

Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 90-120 Min
Age: 13+