Spirit Island

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90-120 mins

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Spirit Island is a 2017 co-operative game from Greater Than Games. Deep, strategic gameplay unfolds against a startlingly compelling backdrop of island spirits fighting to defend their home from colonial invaders. Can you and your friends use your spirits’ powers effectively enough to repel Europe’s colonising hordes?

Though you will always have to try to drive the invaders away, no two games of Spirit Island will feel the same. One to four players choose from a set of eight spirits, each of which has four unique power cards. Each spirit is very different to the others, interacting with friends and foes in diverse and interesting ways.

On top of the eight spirits, players can also choose to face one of three different invader cards, each offering a new and distinct challenge. The board itself adds further variability, with four modular islands boards that each give the game a different flavour. Finally, four optional scenarios give you more variety if you want to change things up even more.

Action selection and area control are key mechanics in Spirit Island. Players choose which of their power cards to play, paying the associated energy cost to do so. The cards give players a mix of short- and long-term effects, with stronger powers available as the spirits’ influence spreads across the island.

The spirits are not free to do whatever they like, however. Your colonial adversary is an ever-present, growing threat. Over the turns of the game they will explore the island, settle and eventually ravage the surrounding territory, including the native islanders that you are trying to protect. If any spirit is destroyed, the island is overcome by blight or the invader deck runs out, your team will lose. If you can destroy or scare off all the colonialists, then you’ll win the game.

Do you think you have what it takes to keep your island safe? Buy Spirit Island today to find out.

Player count: 1-4 players
Time: 90-120 minutes
Age rating: 13+